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Washcloths, set of 4
Washcloths, set of 4
Washcloths, set of 4

Washcloths, set of 4

Use our high-quality Washcloths to clean your baby without the fear of harming or irritating their skin. Perfect for washing, cleaning, wiping and aiding boo boos and tears!

Tiny Twinkle’s Korean Waffle Weave (Kaffle™) is an extremely soft and absorbent fabric that is perfect for all babies even those with sensitive skin.

Because the Korean Waffle Weave has been used for generations, it stands the test of time, and is a must-have for any parent!


  • Includes : 4 washcloths
  • Dimensions : 33 x 35 cm


  • Kaffle™ weave
  • Machine washable - Becomes softer with each wash
  • All our products are Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certified


  • Highly absorbent and soft on baby's skin
  • Perfect when used to wash your baby
  • Dries quickly
  • Sensitive skin-safe Kaffle cloth only becomes softer over time
  • Based on time-tested technology developed in Korea generations ago


Dampen Washcloth and lather with soap. Gently rub the cloth on your baby's skin to cleanse. Rinse and ring out when finished. Wash regularly.