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Kaffle Weave

100% cotton Korean textured weave has been used for generations specifically for babies. It is perfect for tender and sensitive skins. Kaffle ™ is known for absorbency and softness.

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Better Than muslin

Absorbency, softness and the luxurious Kaffle™ weave make it superior to muslin textile.

Why Kaffle?

Photo your baby's birth

Calendar 2018 blanket is a keepsake treasure for your baby. Take a picture with her on the blanket. Make sure you mark her month and date of birth!

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3 layer absorbency

We take wetness seriously. Baby should never feel wetness. Our Kaffle3™ layer system insures your baby will always be dry.

Kaffle 3 Layer system


We take eating seriously, our bibs, and burp cloths are water resistant, and won't soak through.

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